A spa with a cannabis theme? Yes!
Can we come here to smoke or buy pot? No!
A selection of steam distilled hemp derived oil is exclusive at our spa Cannatopique.

Aromatherapist Alexandre Herring has innovated amazing spa products. After exhaustive research we have discovered how to use cannabis derived terpenes with massage therapy to help our clients receive maximum results. It’s the Holy Grail of massage. When applying Cannatopique massage oil you get the results of a 90 minute treatment in a massage treatment that lasts 60 minutes. Save time by allowing the muscles to melt in an instant.

Cannabinoids do not cross the skin-barrier and do not enter into the bloodstream. Hence there are no psycho-active side effects.  Even children can benefit from a Cannatopique massage infused with this medicinal herb.

Did you know that there is a therapeutic drug potential to target genetic mutations in the skin? All dermatitis including psoriasis and eczema can be managed with topical cannabis oil. At Cannatopique we immunomodulate with a custom blend for specific receptors found at the end of the peripheral nerves and in the immune system. It’s a first for Quebec!

Is there a genetic mutation that causes chronic inflammation on your skin? Is there a melanoma that disturbs you? Take advantage of our scientific study to have Health Canada recognize the benefits of this important plant.