Did you know that mammals have cannabinoid receptors found almost everywhere in the body?
The endo-cannabinoid system is the body’s mechanism for coping with environmental changes and for managing pain.
As we age our endo-cannabinoid receptors diminish and the body signals to the brain a physiological irritation. An application of topical phyto-cannabinoids may stimulate and repair the receptors to alleviate pain supplement the endo-cannabinoids present.
Can you tell a storm is coming if your joints swell? Do you have chronic pain or inflammation? Tendinitis? Studies show us how a massage with topical cannabis can help you cope. The cannabis massage oil penetrates the first two layers of the skin where there are numerous receptors with nerve endings and white cells. These nerve cells regulate the irritation of the nerve at the nerve endings by diffusing what is called ‘substance P.’ Macrophages, Langerhan cells and lymphocytes contain cannabinoid receptors to communicate with the inflammatory response.

The next chapter in the book of massage therapy will be written about how we can integrate massage therapy with topical cannabis oil and Integrative Reflexology for a synergistic effect that helps your coping mechanism to the next dimension all the while dissolving substance P.
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