Cannatopique  a massage clinic to help everyone with pathological, musculoskeletal or neuropathic stress. Lift the weight of the world from your shoulders. Try different approaches in massage therapy to help you return to an active and healthy lifestyle. Integrate treatment plans with your doctor to receive effective results at Cannatopique.                              Cannatopique treatments reduce recovery time.


Massage Therapy is one of the most profound healing practices a person can receive. Our body is designed to heal. Profound results occur when hands-on bodywork incorporates into a treatment plan for relief. At Cannatopique we value therapy as a discovery for all the healing benefits our body may offer. Share this passion and appreciation we hold; all of the treatments available will be tailored to the your needs.

What will massage do for you?

*Melt your muscles: release tight or contracted muscles with soft tissue manipulation.

*Pain control: Integrative Reflexology can dissolve pain by communicating with the irritation at the nerve endings. Pain management can provide relief for neuropathy and with a treatment plan we will measure results!

*Help you sleep at night: your muscles store cortisol and different hormones that may confuse your ability to relax before you go to sleep.  Massage therapy allows your body to process all the tension that you have received during the day or throughout your life. 

*Increase your range of motion: combine Thai massage on the table with passive and active stretching to increase the range of motion of your stiff muscles. Mobility is the key to proper daily function and for any kind of workout.

*Detoxify: stimulate your organ systems to give your body the opportunity to clean out the old debris in your blood, digestive tract, lymphatics, and muscles. Drink plenty of water before and after your massage

*Breathe! We focus on perfecting your deep breathing technique. This is the foundation for healing. As your body relaxes your journey to a higher level begins.

Services we offer

1. Swedish Massage

A traditional massage technique that relaxes you from your muscle’s origin to its insertion. We knead your muscle like dough and soften the “knots” with soft, medium, or deep pressure.

2. Deep-Tissue

Swedish massage with strong pressure follows the pace of your deep breathing. You won’t receive a painful massage so we assure that you will enjoy the results in the days that follow.

3. Pre and Post Race Sports Massage Therapy

Get a sports massage before a race or a trip to the slopes for a solid start. Pre race sports massage increases blood circulation to warm up the muscle tissue. Post race massage is important to reduce recovery time. If you push your physical limits while you train, then receive regular sports massage. Evolve your daily workout; keep a strenuous schedule on the slopes. The snow will be deep this winter!

4. Lomi-Lomi

This is a wonderful technique developed by the ancient Hawaiians. Circular strokes overlap each other with both hands and cover a wide surface area while rocking the body to a rhythm of tranquility. Traditional lomi lomi was performed for many hours and sometimes days until every muscle was relieved. Alex Herring, here at Cannatopique, studied this practice in Kauai for two years.

5. Structural Realignment/ Orthomassage

Does your posture need improvement? Do your joints feel out-of-place or stiff? This connective tissue manipulation modality melts your muscles back to perfection. Imagine a sculptor shaping your knotted muscles back to their natural shape. At Cannatopique we believe that pain is an unacceptable side effect in any massage treatment. Called orthomassage in Quebec is deep pressure with slow movements yet no pain is felt the next day. Orthomassage will help you measure any needed progress.

6.. Thai massage on the table

Want a massage that combines passive stretching for a journey to your energy’s rejuvenation station? This is for you. Stretching along each energy meridian increases blood circulation and chi through your muscles and joints. Traditional Thai massage is received on the floor however we integrate the stretches on the massage table while you receive a treatment.

7. Reflexology (Hands, Ears and Feet)

Take your senses to a profound level of healing. Request part or all of your massage treatment  to be focused on the hands, ears, and feet. These three areas reflect maps that communicate with your nervous system. Your nerves will relax in their finest moment ever. You will feel the warmth of your own blood. Integrative Reflexology is ideal for pain management. Incorporate reflexology and massage to increase the efficacy of each modality.

8. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are clinically proven to improve your body’s homeostasis thru the endocrine system. Choose the highest quality oils from Young Living during a consultation before your session. We make a custom massage oil that will infuse into your skin and body. Our certified aromatherapist will make sure your treatment integrates to provide results. This is a special way to increase your immune response or release emotional blockage.

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Alex Herring became a massage therapist in pursuit of his passion to take the healing powers of the human body to a higher level.

He graduated from Ashmead College in 2003 with 1040 hours of training. Afterwards he attended the Seattle School of Reflexology for 330 hours studying Integrative Reflexology of the hands, ears, and feet.

A year later he traveled to Kauai, Hawaii to study Hawaiian massage with Lomi Lomi masters and to fulfill his dream of performing massages at a destination beach resort. For two years he learned and mastered the Hawaiian massage technique that brings the body to the highest state of relaxation and healing.

Alex’s massage techniques expanded as he apprenticed for Structural Integration.  After establishing himself in South Lake Tahoe, California to graduate with a DEC in Natural Sciences he pursues his career in Eastman, Quebec.

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